Insights into Heli-skiing with Southern Lakes Heliski in September


Although we all think of September as being Spring, it often deceives us by sending us some of the biggest snow dumps of the season. These are known as the lamb killer storms. Being a heliski company based out of Queenstown and Wanaka we love these storms. It extends our season and keeps a smile on all our addicted powder hunters.

As temperatures start to warm up we get more and more Spring days. This consolidates the snow base which drops the avalanche danger to low, allowing us to heliski our steepest terrain safely.

September has also become a great time for athletes to come to New Zealand to heliski and gather content. Any marginal heliski lines become safer, and with the longer days they can spend more time getting the shot. Last year Nico Porteous came and built a massive kicker in the backcountry. After hitting it a few times he was asked to dig something out of the snow and that was a Red Bull Helmet. At 14 he became the youngest New Zealand athlete to be recruited into the Red Bull family.

Due to the seasons starting to get later and later we are starting to see more people extending their winter ski holidays into September. Generally, travel to the Otago region is cheaper, accommodation easy to find, and the skies are often blue. The snow is a mix of epic powder days or perfect spring conditions, both which make it a perfect time to come on a heliski holiday with Southern Lakes Heliski for the 2017 winter.

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