Michael "Bird" Shaffer




Home Mountain?
Stevens Pass, Chamonix

Best way to spend your down days?

What was your first job?
Planting trees.

Current favorite piece of gear? Why?
Black Crows, Corvus Freebird Skis. Because they are the one ski quiver and they are pink - Norrona Lofoten outerwear, couldn't ask for better mountain shred freeride gear. The best technical wear out there with function first an fashion forwarded ahead of the rest.

What is your number one goal in skiing/riding right now?
 To be in the wild, in touch with nature, lay a track down where no one has been, speedride/fly into the future sharing my passions with the masses.

Best advice you were ever given?
Learn from the old guys.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mountains, Family, Friends.

What is your greatest fear?
Stopping myself from actualizing.

Best moment filming with WME this year?
There were many - Speed riding off a cornice above the cliffs at Beartooth Pass and landing by Chris and catching his excitement of what was captured. Motorcycling on my Ducati through Beartooth Pass when it was still closed. Remembering my childhood and flying head first off the porch trying to fly like my dad.

Featured In
2017 Line of Descent (Beartooth Pass, WY)

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